Our in house rigging team has allowed us to work on the largest stunts scalable; stunning and spectacular aerial displays, captivating implausible flexibility and strength.
Our acrobats and aerial dancers have many years experience of entertaining audiences, and our rigging team has worked on some of the biggest productions across the globe.
Why not make an impact and have our Fire Angel acrobats suspended from any prop, vehicle or aerial apparatus. This is a truly an electrifying display for all types of productions. Meet with our rigging team and fire angel directors to find out what is possible for your venue or event.
Belfast Telegraph wrote:

‘"Fire Angels are promising to raise temperatures in Belfast with a choreographed aerial show above the River Lagan. Performers and acrobats will be suspended 100ft above the banks of the river as part of nightclub El Divino.

The performance on Saturday is set to include an array of different aerial acts on unusual props with the show finale being performed from a suspended Harley Davidson motorcycle"

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